SUP Yoga

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Enjoy the water, sun, and wonderment as your Paddle board skills improve and your fitness is taken to a new level with SUP Yoga. Find your balance in the open water through mind & body meditation, breathing techniques, and asanas (physical postures) with trained instructors. Whether you are a BEGINNER to Paddle Boarding or Yoga or an expert, this class offers a unique way for you to gain new skills in either. Each SUP Yoga class incorporates a paddle on our top of the line Starboard paddle boards, then we dock into the floating yoga dock for a guided yoga class. Then we all enjoy a peaceful Savasana atop our gentle rocking paddle boards. Book Now for your dose of Namaste!

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Cost: $25 weekdays $30 weekends

Our SUP Yoga Instructors

SUP Yoga with Leslie
SUP Yoga with Sara
Naomi SUP Yoga
Mary SUP Yoga